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Cause and History of Khandua Sarees

Assessment of Khandua group : 

This group is the single biggest place in the State where there are 10000 weavers 

with around 6000 weavers. The specialty of weaving of Nuapatna is over 800 year old 

what's more, is connected with sanctuary of Lord Jagannath at Puri as couple of weavers, particularly weave 

texture for Lord Jagannath for various religious event according to request of Jagannath 

Sanctuary Administration. Ruler Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra wear Khandua silk 

sari of uncommon plan with additional vast particular, every day for various "BESA" according to 

rule of sanctuary organization. The shading mixes of these tie - and - color saris 

show the moral feeling of life. Yellow shaded ikat texture for Lord Jagannath symbolize 

salvation, green for Balabhadra symbolizing life and red for Subhadra implying power or 

shakti. The "BESA" of Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra is particularly celebrated and 

all aficionados and guests of World see the BESA. Fans offer Khandua silk sari to Lord 

Jagannath for this distinctive BESA. 

Thomas Motte went to this group (Nuapatna) in 1766 AD and gave a record of 

weavers weaving silk tie and color textures including Gitagovinda saris. The tie and color 

method in Nuapatna has achieved an abnormal state of advancement and craftsmanship 

th amid 20 century. In weaving of silk textures a few times cotton yarn is utilized as a part of fringe 

twist Ikat and pallu weft Ikat. The procedure produces themes in their characteristic bend frame 

furthermore, geometrical themes are once in a while utilized. 

2.2 History of Khandua : 

As indicated by "Madala Panji" of Lord Jaganath 

The tie and color procedure here, according to history has a place with Ramchandra King 

th of Puri in 1719 A.D. and furthermore Jaydev the colossal artist. Amid 12 century, Jaydev sought to 

offer this Gitagovind to Lord Jaganath .He discover the silk texture as a medium. He chose to 

compose the verses of Gita Govind utilizing the tie and color procedure at this town Kenduli Birth 

place of Jaydev) and supported them to Lord Jaganath ,Balabhadra and Devi subhadra. 

The specialty of weaving around there is over 800 years of age and is connected with the sanctuary of 

Master Jagannath at Puri. Scarcely any weavers of Nuapatna particularly weave fabric for the Lord at 

the sanctuary. This has been the training since eras and even as on date, there are 

two joint groups of Madan Naha and Sudam Guin, who particularly weave Silk texture for 

the Lord of Puri and for utilization at different religious purposes and at other 


4 Khandua Sarees and Fabrics : Tradition and Pride of Orissa 

In course of time the lord issued a request to supply these textures to the weavers of 

Nuapatna and adjacent region. From that point forward the silk texture is provided to the puri sanctuary as 

 Handloom Saree

Khandua with various plans. Khandua sarees are only produced in 

Badamba and Tigiria pieces. There are 10,000 weavers out of which 80 % weavers are the 

producers of khandua saree. Khundua saree are made with striking themes of elephant, 

lions, deer's and lotus in brilliant corrosive shading in tie and dye.It is exceptionally maturity and thses are 

utilized by Jaganath sanctuary, Puri for the deties of Jaganath , balabhadra and Subhadra. 

Some extraordinary weavers produced calligraphy on the textures with Gita Govinda and 

Das avtar. Amid creation of these textures they watch entirely a few standards like 

fasting and not taking non-vegetable sustenance, as it is unmistakably related with otherworldly exercises. 

The Rath yatra of puri is a world acclaimed religious work on, amid which the icons 

of Lord Jagannath, Balbadra and Subadra are taken out on a parade on three 

diverse raths from the fundamental sanctuary to the Gundicha sanctuary, (i.e. the In laws place of the 

master) for a time of a week and after that they are reclaimed to the premises of the fundamental 

sanctuary. The Raths on which the parade is performed are constructing over again from particular 

wood consistently. The Raths are secured and embellished with vivid plain silk material, 

which is for the most part, weaved from the Nuapatna and close-by territory.
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